The place


The place

“Olympus Tea” grows at altitudes above 1000 meters, especially in the so-called alpine zone, where forest vegetation fades. The particular morphology of Mount Olympus, and its geographical position relative to the sea, create a unique microclimate that favors the growth of endemic plants. “Sideritis scardica” is one of thousands of endemic plants that have been discovered on Mount Olympus, and has been known since antiquity for its healing properties. We acquired our plants from an altitude of 2000 meters and cultivated them carefully in nurseries, so that they yield the best possible result after sowing and breeding.

Our crops grow on an area of ​​more than 30 acres, at an altitude of 400 meters, just at the edge of the eastern foothills of Mount Olympus, the side nearest to the Aegean Sea! More precisely, our land is in the Topoliani area of ​​Litohoro. This is the ideal combination of location, climate and altitude to maximize product quantity and quality. This area does not lend itself to systematic crops in general, so it is not burdened with any chemical pesticides or other similar substances that could have a negative effect on the cultivation of Olympus tea. The dryers, where the tea is dried in an absolutely natural way, are also located in our fields.

Our farm has been certified as organic and the crop of 2019 will be the first to officially bear the title of “organic product”.

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